My latest book is here

It’s taken five years to put together, but my book Hollywood Musicals You Missed: 70 Noteworthy Films of the 1930s is now available. Like my previous effort, Unsung Hollywood Musicals of the Golden Era, it’s a look at some less-heralded films, this time grouped by themes that reflected trends in the Depression-era American movie musical.

There is a chapter on early musicals worth re-evaluation, including extensive entries on the rarely viewed Are You There? (1930), Beatrice Lillie’s disastrous talkie starring debut, and It’s Great to Be Alive (1933), Fox’s quirky mix of musical, romantic comedy, science fiction, and gender role reversal. Other sections of the book deal with early “hillbilly” musicals, singing cowboy Westerns (among Gene Autry’s sci-fi-tinged The Phantom Empire and the all-“little people” sagebrusher The Terror of Tiny Town), songwriter tributes, opera-singer vehicles, and swing’s intro to film. We also look at some of the less-inspired 1930s efforts by some of Hollywood’s biggest musical stars.

You can visit the author’s page — — or,, or elsewhere for more information … or to order it, should you be interested.