A little-seen ’30s horror gem is coming to Blu-ray

Great news from Kino Lorber!

The little-seen 1934 horror-mystery film Double Door is coming soon on Blu-ray. This is its first home video release of any kind.

I wrote about this creepy little gothic thriller from Paramount at this blog in 2018. You can read that post here.

Here’s to more viewings of a pre-Code film based on “The Play That Made Broadway Gasp” and which was the only movie credit of its star, Mary Morris.

Author: bradleyedwinm

My name is Edwin M. Bradley … but please call me Ed. I am the film curator at an art museum in Michigan. I was a daily newspaper movie reviewer for 20 years. I have authored four books about early film history, with emphases on pre-1940 musicals and the transition to sound. My latest is "Hollywood Musicals You Missed: 70 Noteworthy Films of the 1930s." My 2016 book, "Unsung Hollywood Musicals of the Golden Era, 1929-39," was named by Huffington Post and Classic Images magazine as among the year's best new movie-related books.

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